Investigação da relação entre insegurança alimentar e hipertensão arterial sistêmica em idosos residentes no município de Barreiras/Ba


  • Andressa K.A. Oliveira
  • Marlus H.Q. Pereira


Food insecurity has repercussions on the morbidity and mortality profile of the population. The increase in the incidence of chronic diseases may be associated with Food Insecurity due to inadequate food choices. With aging, these pathologies appear, especially Systemic Arterial Hypertension, being the most prevalent in the elderly population. Objective: To know the association between food insecurity and arterial hypertension in the elderly in the municipality of Barreiras-BA. Methodology: It was a cross-sectional study with primary data collection, where a general questionnaire and the Brazilian Food Insecurity Scale were applied. Results: Prevalence of Food Insecurity was 60.9% and Arterial Hypertension was 68.7%, but without a statistically significant relationship (p-value = 0.139). Conclusion: It is observed that the elderly population when it