Potencial de folhas de capim santo (Cymbopogon citratus) para melhorar o tempo de armazenamento de raízes de cenouras


  • Priscila S. Silva
  • Deyse S. Santos
  • Lucas S. Barbosa
  • Antonia M.M. Guerra


The lowest weight loss was observed when the carrots were stored at 30ºC with leaves of holy grass, as well as, at 3 days there was greater weight loss, then there was a reduction with the passage of time. At 25 and 30 °C with leaves a higher concentration of citric acid was observed, and with the passage of the storage period a significant reduction. The results of this study indicate the high potential of holy grass, which can be considered as an alternative strategy to improve carrot storage life, considering its simplicity and effectiveness in reducing storage costs, reducing weight loss without causing any toxicity to the environment.