Avaliação nutricional de silagens de resíduos de tomate desidratados e aditivadas com casca de mandioca


  • Alex A.C. Ferreira
  • Rafael F. Santos
  • Monica S. Mello
  • Janaina L. Silva


The objective of this study was to evaluate the mixed silages of cassava peel and tomato wastes submitted to different dehydration times (0, 4, 24, 60 and 96 h). There was a linear reduction (P<0.05) in the density, effluent and gases losses in the silages. Dehydration of the tomato wastes during 60 and 96 h promoted higher (P<0.05) crude protein contents. It is recommended to ensilage the cassava peel with dehydrated tomato residue for up to 8 hours.