Bioatividade de inseticidas botânicos sobre o pulgão-preto do feijoeiro (Aphis craccivora Koch)


  • Uebson F. Cunha
  • Ana E.L. Ribeiro
  • Geraldo D. Bastos
  • Mike S. Rocha
  • Nelson L. Meira
  • Romenique S. Freitas


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the insecticidal activity of hydroalcoholic extracts obtained from plant species endemic to the western Bahia region against the Aphis craccivora Koch. Cowpea plants were infested with adult A. craccivora females, twelve days after seeding. Extracts of Xylopia sericea (fruit), Croton conduplicatus (fruit) and Jatropha mutabilis (leaves), at a concentration were used. The efficiency of treatments in the mortality of A. craccivora insects was evaluated in the intervals of 24, 48, 72, 96 and 120 hours, counting the number of live and dead insects. The results indicate that the extracts have a toxic effect on A. craccivora, and the species J. mutabilis showed a greater efficiency in the control of the insect-pest (88.71%), when compared to the species C. conduplicatus (42.63%) and X. sericea (38.56%).