Análise da rotulagem de papinhas infantis conforme legislação vigente


  • Mônica K.V.A. Souza
  • Fabrício L. Tulini
  • Ariela W. Carvalho


The consumer's right to information is becoming more and more important, so in the elaboration of a food label, there must always be a concern with the consumer and the information must be within the reach of his / her comprehension. Therefore, evaluate the conforming and non-conforming items in the label of food products produced and marketed in the city of Barreiras-BA and other localities in the region. We analyzed 31 product labels found in supermarkets and markets in the city of Barreiras. The candy and honey category presented a higher proportion of non-conforming items (51%). The second category that presented the highest number of nonconforming items was the category of breads, biscuits and the like.