Investigação de espécie íctica com potencial para bioindicação da presença de agentes genotóxicos no riacho Vereda das Laje, bacia do Rio de Ondas, Oeste da Bahia


  • Renê S. Silva
  • Rodrigo S. Oliveira
  • Adma K.L. Chaves


Biological monitoring of genotoxics in aquatic environments can be done by bioindication. Therefore, intended to identify an aquatic species with potential for bioindication of genotoxic agents in rivers West of Bahia. For that, fish collections were made (january-february/may-june) (Sisbio Auhorization). The Micronucleus Test – TMN was used in erythrocytes of the fish sampled. In the rainy season 6 species were sampled, but with few small specimens, which made it impossible to inference for the population. In the dry season (n=6 species, 3 different from rainy). From the 6 species of the dry season, it was possible to calculate the frequency of micronulei for 4: Astyanax sp (FO = 0,05 %), Characidium fasciatus (FO=0,02%), Hyphessobrycon sp. (FO=0,06%) and Leporinus taeniatus (FO=0,08%). Of the species analyzed in this phase of the study,none was considered a potential candidate for bioindication of genotoxic agents due to the low frequency of occurrence of micronuclei.