Investigação da toxicidade aguda e da atividade analgésica e anti-inflamatória de Copaifera sabulicola J.A.S. Costa & L.P. Queiroz em camundongos


  • Breno K.D. Santos
  • Katyúscya V. Leão
  • Elson A. Costa
  • Pablinny M.G. Carvalho


Copaifera sabulicola is a new species described in the cerrado of the center-west of Bahia. This study investigated the toxicological characteristics and pharmacological potential of C. sabulicola. The acute toxicity of C. sabulicola was evaluated by the OECD class method (423), where it was verified that this plant species is not toxic. Then, using the methods of abdominal writhing induced by acetic acid and nociceptive stimulus induced by formalin, it was verified that C. sabulicola presents analgesic activity. Right after, anti-inflammatory activity was found for C. sabulicola when the extract was tested in the carrageenan-induced paw edema model.