Isolamento e preservação de linhagens de leveduras associadas ao Cerrado e a produção de cachaça e cerveja artesanal do Oeste Baiano


  • Sindy P. Montino
  • Bruno M. Oliveira


Yeasts are fungi of great biotechnological interest, being Saccharomyces cerevisiae the main species responsible for the alcoholic fermentation in industrial processes. In Brazil this species of yeast is used in ethanol and cachaça production due to its good fermentative efficiency and high resistance to ethanol. Considering the importance of these microorganisms, it is valid the isolation of wild yeasts from the environment seeking to verify their fermentative potential. This work aimed to isolate and cryopreserve yeasts from fermentative and natural environments. A total of 104 isolates were obtained, 80 from fermenting must and 24 from environmental samples, preserved in duplicate, contributing to the establishment of a collection of crops with great biotechnological potential.