Bioprospecção de inibidores antipatogênicos de plantas do cerrado contra Staphylococcus aureus visando a aplicação biotecnológica

  • Leonardo L. Farina
  • Mary H. Fabres-Klein
  • Katyúscya V. Leão
  • Andrea O.B. Ribon
  • Raphael C. Klein


The use of antipathogenic compounds has emerged as a new strategy for the control of bacterial infections. Several biological sources are used in the search for antipathogenic compounds. Brazilian cerrado presents a great biodiversity for the prospection of new compounds with biotechnological application. In this project 10 extracts of cerrado plants were tested in order to identify compounds with antipathogenic activity against Staphylococcus aureus. The results showed that the extract of Plantago major L. and Copaifera sabunicola showed promising biological activities against S. aureus.