Associação entre vitamina D e ganho excessivo de peso durante a gestação


  • Lucas L.B. Pereira
  • Marcos P. Santos


Based on the current evidence, it is observed in the last decade, increased volume of studies on the association between obesity and vitamin D deficiency, adverse events to women's health. There is still controversial evidence and little is known about the safe dose for the gestation period. In view of the above, the present study aims to evaluate the influence of maternal body mass index on the serum concentration of vitamin D in pregnant women. A systematic review was carried out with meta-analysis, subsidized by PRISMA norms. To do so, we searched the PubMed / Medline, Web of Science, Scopus, Science Direct, Ovid and Lilacs databases published between December 30, 1990 and June 30, 2018. The descriptors used were: "vitamin D", " "Body mass index", "obesity" and "pregnancy". The eligible articles were read in full, and subsequently collected variable information investigated in a form designed for the collection of the information. According to the eligibility criteria, 2951 studies were identified and 9 were selected to make a systematic review with meta-analysis and a meta-analysis was performed. Pregnant women with obesity and overweight presented a greater chance of vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency, when compared with pregnant women of normal weight. Thus, weight gain during pregnancy needs to be monitored in order to prevent vitamin D deficiency and complications to maternal and neonatal health.