Fatores socioeconômicos e prevalência de sintomas depressivos em gestantes do município de Barreiras, Bahia


  • Cristiayne R. Sobreira
  • Dayanne R. Bento
  • Eduardo M.D.C. Matos
  • Tais S. Coite
  • Maria C.M. Mussi


We intended to evaluate the prevalence of depression during pregnancy and socioeconomic factors of women attended in Barreiras-BA. We have used structured anamnesis, Edinburgh Scale (EPDS), gestational age calculation by the first trimester ultrasonography or the day of a woman's last menstrual period and socioeconomic evaluation. Sixty-seven participants have been interviewed, in which seven were excluded, totalazing 60 pregnant women. Which 43% had depressive symptoms. The results evidenced the necessity of assistance adequacy through structuring and strengthening the psychosocial care network.