Realidade obstétrica e desafios para implantação da política do parto humanizado em maternidade municipal de Barreiras, Bahia


  • Maria L.R. Maynard
  • Luana B.C. Silva
  • Igor O. Souza
  • Maria C.M. Mussi


We intend to evaluate the experience of the childbirth of pregnant women in Barreiras, BA. We used a Questionnaire of Experience and Satisfaction of Childbirth, structured anamnesis and socioeconomic evaluation by the Questionnaire of the Social Work Department of the University of São Paulo at the Basic Health Units and Maternity Hospital. A total of 104 questionnaires were collected, of which 55 were included. Based on our findings, we can highlight the need for health education during prenatal care for men and women, as well as the improvement in the supply and execution of relaxation during the labor period.