Determinação de pesticidas em água de consumo na Região Oeste da Bahia

  • Caroline O. Pinto
  • Thamilin C. Nakamura
  • José D.S. Silva


In this work samples were taken in the period between two seasonal periods, dry and rainy. Using preconcentration by domestic microwave and gas chromatographic method with coupled mass spectrometry developed by the Cangaço group, eight organochlorine and phosphorous species were identified, namely α-HCB (91.53 μg L-1 ), γ-HCB (83.46 μg L-1), Endosulfan I (18.90 μg L-1) and Endosulfan II (12.0 μg L-1), Methyl Paration (55.30 μg L-1), Chlorpyrifos (30.70 μg L-1) and Paration (17.5 μg L-1) in the 19 studied samples.