Síntese e caracterização de complexo derivado de 5-bromo-2-salicil-beta-alanina e acetato de cobre(II)


  • Joseana C.P. Souza
  • Emerson S. Santos
  • Izabela G.N. Santos
  • Larissa O. Onça
  • Sérgio M. Soares
  • Paulo H.G.D. Diniz


In this work, the synthesis of 5-bromo-2-salicyliden-β-alaninate (Schiff's Base) was carried out through the condensation reaction between 5-bromosalic aldehyde and β-alanine. Following, the product undergoes a complexation process with Cu(II) ion. Infrared spectra and changes in the crystalline structure of the solids and their colorations indicate the complex formation. Based on the results, a structure for the complex was proposed, which contains a Cu(II) ion in the center, coordinated with 5-bromo-2-salicyliden-β-alaninate and a β-alanine fragment (from cleavage of the C=N bond from a second Schiff base).