Desenvolvimento de métodos analíticos para determinação de metais e metaloides em cultivares de grãos de soja e milho produzidos no Oeste da Bahia, empregando ferramentas quimiométricas


  • Gabriela S.R. Amaral
  • Vinicius C. Paula
  • Dannuza D. Cavalcante


Brazilian agriculture, stands out in the world scenario by the increasing production of one of the main world commodities, soybean and corn. Due to the population growth, the consumption of these cultivars as direct food, and indirect, are increasing and methodologies are used more and more. cultivation using chemical and phytosanitary aggravators by leaf area and soil, causing an increase in the concentration of elements that are not essential for the development of the plant, many of which may be detrimental to both its own and human health. With this, the chemical analysis, enters as a major protagonist determination of these concentrations employing, methodologies and procedures of chemometric analysis, in which these can be improved, increasing its efficiency.