Síntese e caracterização de catalisadores baseados em cinzas de caldeira modificadas com pentóxido de vanádio e/ou óxido de cobre(II)


  • Isaias A. Rodrigues
  • Valdeilson S. Braga


This work aimed to perform the synthesis and characterization of catalysts based on boiler ash (AB) modified with vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) and / or copper (II) oxide (CuO). Were prepared catalysts containing 5 and 10% V2O5/AB; 0.5% CuO - 5% V2O5/AB and, 1.0% CuO - 10% V2O5/AB. XRD data indicated the formation of silica, calcium oxide and carbonate in AB, being also evidenced in the FTIR spectrum of AB samples pure and modified (V2O5/CC and CuO- V2O5/AB). These data pointed to the dispersion of superficial V2O5 species and / or strong interaction with AB.