Influência da seção de choque de fotoionização no sinal LOE do LiF


  • Bruna N. Silva
  • João V. Batista
  • Linda V.E. Caldas
  • Heveson Lima


A study of the photoionization cross section (PCS) influence on the optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) intensity of LiF is being presented. The PCS of LiF was calculated from the analytical equation proposed by Lima et al [1], the magnitude is in order to 1023 m2. Experimental data of OSL intensity were also obtained, in partnership with the IPEN-USP; these data show how the intensity of the luminescent signal of the LiF decays with time. In addition, an optimization routine to solve the rate equations describing this electron-hole recombination process has been implemented in the Scilab.