A construção da linguagem algébrica do 6º ao 9º ando do ensino fundamental


  • Thayanne C. Maciel
  • Ana M.P. Nascimento


The objective of this research was to investigate students' level of understanding of algebraic language in grades 6 through 9 of Elementary School. The State of Art was constituted on the theme: algebraic thought in Elementary Education and Study of the Matrix of Reference for elaboration of the Brazil Proof, with identification of the descriptors. In the simulations proposed, the groups of the 8th year of the municipal school system were identified, two items referring to algebraic thinking. The general analysis of the results of the simulations indicated that in descriptor 30, of the 1416 students who performed the simulation, only 20% matched item 01 and in descriptor 33 only 25% matched item 02. The qualitative analysis of the records written in 203 notebooks demonstrated the inadequate construction of algebraic language by students. It is indicated the continuity of the research, together with the schools of the municipal school network.