Empilhamento litoestratigráfico e seção geológica da região de São Desidério – BA


  • Ana V.A.C. Almeida
  • Marcelo L. Pinto
  • Joane A. Conceição
  • Elainy S.F. Martins


The study area is located in São Desidério, western portion of Bahia state. Two geological units appear in this area: The Bambuí Group (São Francisco Basin) and the Urucuia Group (Sanfranscicana Basin). The Bambuí Group is composed by Serra da Mamona and São Desidério Formations. Motivated by the few studies of the western portion of the São Francisco Basin, this work aimed to perform a preliminary mapping of detail for the elaboration of a lithostratigraphic stacking and geological section for the São Desidério region. The study was divided in three stages of work, where bibliographical surveys, geoprocessing techniques, field structural data collection, and data processing were carried out. From the results obtained, it can be concluded that the drainage network of the São Desidério region is tectonically controlled, and possibly this region was affected by two tectonic events: one of ductile character, which generated the folds; and the other of a rhetorical character, which generated the system of failures.