Empilhamento litoestratigráfico e seção geológica da região de Boa Vista - BA


  • Júlio A. Silva Neto
  • Elainy S.F. Martins
  • Marcelo L. Pinto
  • Joane A. Conceição


The study area is the Boa Vista sheet, located in south of São Desidério city (BA), and is geologically located in São Francisco Sedimentary Basin., The region rocks are important because it hold informations about geotectonics framework of the Neoproterozoic and Cretaceous period. Therefore, this work proposes analysis of structural data collected in the field and information obtained with geoprocessing techniques, with the objective of interpreting the structural control over the drainage and relief network, besides the elaboration of lithostratigraphic stacking of the rocks, a representative geological section and a pre-eliminate geological map. However, the method of the drainage lineages interpretation proved to be very efficient and have become valuable for the final geological map interpretation when combined with the geological section and lithostratigraphic stacking.