A crítica ecofeminista ao paradigma desenvolvimentista e à exploração das mulheres


  • Jackline A. F. Silva
  • Tânia A. Kuhnen


Based on the theoretical paradigm of ecofeminism, this paper addresses the women social movement called Marcha das Margaridas. Ecofeminists writers, such as Vandana Shiva and Maria Mies, start from a critical perspective of the Western development model, which is dependent on the exploitation and domination of nature. This model reflects the patriarchal paradigm that structures social and political organization in order to subordinate women. Considering the interrelation between nature and women domination, it is possible to remark, on the one hand, that children and women themselves have been more negatively impacted than men by the ecological disasters and by environmental degradation. On the other hand, women were the first one to protest against environmental destruction and to organize themselves to promote alternative development modes based on solidarity and cooperation. The main aim of this work is to analyze the social movement of women Marcha das Margaridas, its foundations and purposes in terms of social development and promotion of autonomy for peasant women, in light of the theoretical assumptions of the ecofeminist paradigm. The methodology adopted in the present work involves the exploratory approach, with the aid of theoretical bibliographical and documentary research.