Infiltração da água no solo e resistência à penetração em diferentes sistemas de cultivo na região Oeste da Bahia


  • Juremá A.O. Silva
  • Samuel C.C. Almeida
  • Marília C.A. Amorim
  • João V.F. Wanderley
  • Luís G.H. Amaral


It was tested the hypothesis that the no-tillage system favors the infiltration capacity of the predominant soils in the agricultural areas in the West region of the State of Bahia. In the development of this work it was observed that each study area presents a technique of planting that diversifies. The results showed that the stable infiltration rates of the studied soils are able to maintain high levels and favorable to the recharge of the Urucuia Aquifer System. However,this rates are affected by the use of the soil, decreasing with the replacement of the cerrado by crops.