Análise computacional para a geração de energia elétrica, utilizando as redes de água e esgoto prediais ou urbanos


  • Nilson A. Oliveira Filho
  • Antônio O. Souza


A Darrieus turbine was simulated in the Ansys Workbench software, evaluating the pressure before and after the flow, considering the static turbine (i.e., as if it were impeding the flow of fluid), we obtain the torque exerted on the blades and the velocity profile through the 500 mm of flow. With these considerations, we evaluated the turbulence after passing through the turbine. Due to the consideration of the static rotor, we then observe each parameter varying from 0º to 120º (varying each 10º) the clockwise rotation of the turbine. It has been noted that from 120° the principle repeats, since the turbine has 3 identical blades.