Estudo fitoquímico dos óleos fixo e essencial da espécie C. depilis Dwyer


  • Sueli A. Carvalho
  • Katyuscya V. Leão


The species Copaifera is widely used by communal medicine, for this reason the present study was carried out a phytochemical study of the essential oils of the fruits and of the fixed oil of C. depilis, in order to obtain the fingerprint of the same in two different schedules. With the GC-MS, tetracontane and 1H-Cycloprop [e] azulene-7-ol, decahydro-1,1,7-trimethyl-4-methylene- [1α- (1α, 4a, 7b, 7a.beta., 7b.alpha.)] In the fixed oil was ascorbic acid L - (+) - 2,6-dihexadecanoate. The use of UV-vis spectroscopy indicated higher antioxidant potential and total phenolic content in fixed oil followed by essential oil (16h).