Inserção internacional da região Oeste da Bahia nas cadeias de valor global: o caso da soja e do algodão


  • Katharyna M.M. Faria
  • Alyne S. Teles
  • Mylena M. Assunção
  • Erick S.R. Cajavilca


This research seeks to analyze the insertion in the CGV (Global Value Chain) of the local soybean and cotton sector of an important grain producing region in Brazil, the West of Bahia. From this perspective, the overall objective of this project is to show a panorama of the insertion of soybean and cotton production in the region within the Global Value Chain of these products. We have with this research two papers presented at an international congress and an article published in a journal. In addition, an agreement was reached with the Bahian Association of Cotton Producers - ABAPA.